After ten years of experience we have performed many projects with different customers and integrators. The biggest companies always have the greatest risk, and therefore rely on our solutions. Our greatest warranty and pride is that when working with Ngaro always end up repeating.

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In Ngaro we develop intelligent solutions that allow detection, geographic positioning, management and real-time monitoring of events identified by their thermal signature, providing the operator with a comprehensive understanding of the security of your environment.

The Ngaro products architecture is based on autonomous individual modules that, independently or combined, form security solutions adapted to the customer requirements and can be easily integrated with other surveillance systems.

Border control, perimeter surveillance

Border control, perimeter surveillance
  • Intrusion control on land borders.
  • Surveillance of correctional facilities, perimeter and area surveillance on security rings.
  • Perimeter surveillance on highly valued residential areas.
  • Intrusion control on private residences.
  • Perimeter surveillance of museums and historical heritage places.
  • Perimeter and area surveillance of archaeological sites.
  • Surveillance of sea and river borders.
  • Detection of smuggling and illegal unloadings on off-shore anchorage and coastal areas.


  • Early detection of fires on forest areas of high social or ecological value, or showing a high visitor rate.
  • Early detection of forest fires on areas with high risk of combustion because their proximity to roads, railway tracks or industrial facilities.
  • Detection of illegal fishing on natural sea parks.
  • Monitoring of overheating and spontaneous combustions in dumps.

Strategic infrastructures

Strategic infrastructures
  • Security against intrusion in facilities for production, storage and transformation of energy.
  • Security against intrusion in logistic centers and communications nodes.
  • Surveillance against theft and vandalism on photovoltaic facilities.
  • Early detection of fire on wind energy facilities placed on dense forest areas.


  • Automated road traffic incident detection.
  • Control of intrusion in big logistic facilities and communications nodes.
  • Detection of vehicles, pedestrians and generic obstacles through railway tracks.
  • Thermal inspection of vehicles destined for transport of dangerous goods.
  • Monitoring of road and railway tunnels, assistance to security forces in case of fire.
  • Coastal intrusion detection on dock facilities.

    Industrial aplications

    Industrial aplications
    • Early detection of fires in combustible materials storage areas.
    • Monitoring of overheating on critical elements of an energy transport and transformation network.
    • Detection of overheating on flammable bulks warehouses.
    • Early detection of fires on industrial premises.
    • Perimeter surveillance of trading states and large logistic and industrial facilities.
    • Production line control.
    • Product inspection / quality control.
    • Preventive maintenance of mechanical or electrical elements.

    National security and defense

    National security and defense
    • Land and maritime perimeter surveillance for large military facilities.
    • Perimeter surveillance on infrastructures for estate security forces.
    • Perimeter surveillance on government facilities.
    • Surveillance of foreign operations military bases.
    • Protection of embassies.

    Civil defense

    Civil defense
    • Monitoring of fireworks.
    • Detection of ignition and throwing of flares on big sports events.
    • Tachtical surveillance against usage of incendiary elements during civilian.
    • Early detection of forest fires on urban surroundings or highly populated areas.